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Welcome to Praia Bela, Australian home of the Brazilian Bikini


Brazil is famous world-wide for its idyllic beaches and beautiful women.  It is also home to a unique style of women's swimwear worn by women of all shapes and sizes.  The emphasis of a Brazilian bikini is the cut, typically across the buttocks and across the breast line.   A Brazilian bikini will accentuate your body shape without making you feel too exposed. It's the bikini for "women with confidence".


It is a myth that all Brazilian women's swimwear is skimpy.  A visit to our swimwear store and you will quickly discover that this is not true.  Our range covers everything from full coverage to the string bikini.  Please browse the product categories to the right and visit our unique on-line change-room  to see for yourself...


Why Buy a Brazilian Bikini?


Whether you are in the market for a skimpy thong or a more modest one piece, buying a Brazilian bikini or swimsuit is a choice to be sexy and to show off your self confidence. 


Our swimwear embodies many things.  It is so much more than a little piece of material.  Firstly there is the unique cut of the this style of swimwear.  It is most famous for cutting across the cheeks of the bottom, exposing varying amounts of the buttocks, depending on your level of modesty.  The cut across the bum is usually the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of a "Brazilian Cut", but a the bikini top is also cut differently, with a subtle curved cutout in the triangle top, as well as being worn a little wider on the chest.  The result is a push up effect as well as better support without the need for a full coverage cup.


Both of these unique features, when carefully selected in the right bikini to match your body shape, help to better show off the best assets of your body.


But the cut is not the only reason more and more women are choosing Brazilian style swimwear.  For these women, their bikini is an essential part of their wardrobe and competition to win a place in their wardrobe is fierce.   It is survival of the fittest, and only the finest quality fabrics, the best workmanship and the highest fashion stand a chance.  Brazilian Designers have to be at the top of their game, and dare not risk using an inferior quality Lycra that will lose its shape in time, and jepoardise their name.


Top 5 Reasons to buy a Brazilian Bikini:

1. You are comfortable in your own skin and want to scream CONFIDENCE

2. You know your body's BEST ASSETS, and you want to show them off

3. You LOVE going to the beach, and you want a bikini you are going to be EXCITED about wearing

4. You are not the type to blend in, you need a bikini that will make you STAND OUT from the crowd

5. People who wear them have so much more FUN



Why buy from Praia Bela?


Here at Praia Bela we have two objectives.


Firstly we want to bring the best of Brazil's beach fashion to the bikini wearers of the world.  We source our collection from the fashion houses of Brazil's finest designers.  Before it makes it into our store you can be sure it has passed all of our exacting standards.


Secondly, our commitment to our customers is to match YOU with YOUR perfect swimwear.  As explained above, only the most beautiful bikinis and swimwear make it into our shop, but that doesn't mean just because is a beautiful bikini that it will look beautiful on every woman.  Every women has her own body shape, colours that suit her best and level of modesty she is comfortable with.  At the nexus of all of these factors lies her ideal bikini.  Our online virtual change room is designed to help you quickly and painlessly pinpoint the perfect bikini that meets all of these needs.


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