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About us and our Swimwear

Bom Dia - and thanks for visiting my website and your interest in knowing a little more about our swimwear label, Praia Bela. Since you've navigated to this page I take it you are also interested in knowing a little more about me personally and the origins of my company, so let me start by introducing myself.


Who Are We - Our Little Tale

My name is Karina and I originally come from Recife in Brazil’s North East, where we get summer temperatures all year round.   I first arrived in Australia in July 2005 to study English.  I quickly realised I didn’t like English class, nor my part time job at Coles, but I did really love hanging out at Sydney's Manly Beach, where I was always being approached by locals who were asking me where they could find a bikini like the ones I always wore. 

After a nine month stay here in Australia I couldn’t wait to return home to my much missed family and friends, and then disaster struck – I met a boy. 

His name was Nathan and he was a geek engineer (just like my dad).  I took him back home to Brazil with me, but he proved himself hopeless at Portuguese, so I found myself back here starting my new life in Australia. 

Of course I missed my friends and family as expected, but what I wasn’t counting on was how hard it would be to find a nice bikini.  After growing up with only Brazilian bikinis I was finding the bikinis on offer by the mainstream Australian labels did not fit well and were not not at all flattering on me, and even the ones that offered a so called “Brazilian cut” definitely would not “cut it” on the beaches in Brazil.  I turned to the Internet to shop only to be disappointed, finding any genuine Brazilian made swimwear on offer to be of poor quality and yet was being sold at premium prices.  So I was forced to resort to getting bikinis sent directly from Brazil.

Soon others started to notice the unique bikinis I was always wearing and wanted me to get them sent for them too. Before long word of mouth spread through friends of friends, right across the country, about the lovely bikinis I was getting sent over and the next thing I knew I was in the business of importing womens swimwear.

Since my customers come from all over Australia, an online shop seemed like the best way to distribute my bikinis.  So I recruited Nathan’s geek skills to help me build the online store you are visiting now.


What We Do

This business started out as me helping my friends to find the perfect bikini, and that is the way I intend to continue it. To do this there are two key principle to ladies swimwear selection that I see as most important.

Firstly, friends, or amigas as we say in Brazil, are people you can trust to do the right thing, so first and foremost to earn and keep your trust I will go out of my way to do everything within my power to do the right thing by all of my amigas, of which I consider all my customers.

Secondly, we want to ensure we make every effort to find you that perfect bikini, one that fits like a glove and suits your body to a T.  With our customers now  all over the world, I can’t meet each and every one of you in person anymore, but we know our product range inside out - literally; I individually select each and every style we offer with a body shape in mind, and I have personally tried-on every piece of swimwear we offer (if you don’t believe me – you can see me modeling each of them in the Virtual Change Room). It is in fact our Virtual Change Room that I believe will help you find and confidently choose your perfect bikini.


Our Promise to You

Our promise to you is to help you find swimwear you are completely happy with.  In order to do this we give our personal attention to each and every inquiry to ensure the advice and suggestions we offer fit YOU in every sense, not just in size but your body shape, degree of modesty and comfort level in adjusting to more minimal coverage swimwear.  If you are not completely satisfied with your new cossie then just return it and we’ll try and help you find something that better suits your needs or we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Beijos (kisses)


 Karina & Nathan

 Bringing You The Best in Brazilian Ladies Swimwear