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Karina's Big Bust Comfort Rating


As a big busted girl, finding a bikini top that fits and feels just right is a challenge.  I have devised my Smiley Face rating system to help all of my big breasted sisters out there.

I've also set up a dedicated section of my shop with some of my favourite bikinis for big busts.


Rating  Comment
 CoolCoolCool Very comfortable around the back of the neck and offering great support. You can swim and enjoy other beach activities with confidence.
 CoolCool Good for minimal tanline sunbathing but not ideal for exercising. My pick for lazing by the water and catching some sun.
 CoolYou might be better off going topless. This one is great for smaller breasts but too small and uncomfortable for D+ Cups.  Leave this one for all the girls that are always wishing their boobs were bigger (but have no idea how much harder it will make their life when buying swimwear). 



Karina Big Bust Bikini