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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose my size?

What if it doesn't fit properly when it arrives?

Is a Brazilian Bikini right for me?

I am trying to pay with Credit Card.  Why is PayPal declining my transactions?

I live Outside Australia. Will I need to pay import duty?

I want to know much will this cost me in my currency. Where can I find your exchange rate?

Privacy Policy

How do I Order A Brazilian Bikini from the Praia Bela Online Store?



How do I choose my size?

Pria Bela bikinis come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Brazilian Bikinis are smaller (in terms of coverage) by design than bikinis you might typically find from the mainstream labels.


It is important to remember the distinction between a small bikini and a bikini that is sized too small. Just because you want a smaller bikini for minimal coverage doesn't mean you should go for a smaller size. An incorrectly fitting bikini that is cutting in to your skin is not a flattering look.


The opposite is also true, if you are not comfortable with a minimal level of coverage, don't go for a smaller cut bikini in a bigger size. Instead choose a style that is the right fit for your body and your modesty. A well fitting bikini should be taught but not so tight that it cuts into you.


Brazilian Bikini Size Chart 

    Usual Cup Size
    Regular (AU/UK) Sizing


    USA Sizing Waist Hips Special Note
    in cm in cm
    Small A to Small B 6 to 8

    Tops: 4-6

    Bottoms: 0-3

    24.5-26 62-66 34.5-36 88-92 Small typically suits a petite girl or taller girls with a more slim and straight up and down athletic figure who comfortable with minimal coverage
    Medium Full B to Small C 8 to 10


    Bottoms: 4-6

    26-27.5 66-70 36-38 92-96  
    Large Full C to D 10 to 12

    Tops: 10 -12

    Bottoms: 7-9

    27.5-29 70-74 38-39.5 96-100 We recommend a banded halter top for bustier girls as most of the string halter bikinis will not provide adequate support. I am a full D cup myself and I can't wear the string halter tri-tops.

Of course, if it doesn't fit, or you are unhappy with your new bikini for any reason, we'll exchange it for free, as per our Refund Policy

Special Notes


The key is to choose an appropriate fit across the bust and then select a bikini bottom style that provides the coverage you are after.


In choosing a bikini top, keep in mind the larger your breasts the more material you will need to offer the required support. If you are a D cup or bigger and plan to be out in the surf then you will want to go for a top that fully encases your breast.


Bikinis with string ties allow for considerable adjustment. However you do not want to go for a bikini top with string ties if you are bigger than a C cup. A halter top with a wide band is a better option.


All of out swimwear is made of Lycra, offering plenty of firm stretch as well as support.


For guidance and suggestions on what to consider in choosing a style based on your individual body shape visit our Virtual Change Room to help you findyour Perfect Bikini.


What if it doesn't fit properly when it arrives?


Refund Policy

We understand the difficulty in choosing a bikini that fits just right at the best of times, even when you have an entire shop of bikinis to try on.


We also understand that for many of our customer this may be your foray into the world of Brazilian bikinis. And we want to make sure it is a positive experience.


The most important thing about looking great in a Brazilian Bikini is not size of your bust or your booty, but the size of your self confidence, and if you don't feel just right about your purchase decision you are not going to have the confidence to wear that bikini the way it needs to be worn.


For this reason we will happily exchange your bikini for a different size, or even another colour or style if you return it to us within 7 days, in its original state (i.e. hygiene sticker in place). If we don't have an equivalent bikini in your size or an alternate style to your liking we will offer you a full refund or credit.


Is a Brazilian Bikini right for me?


That all depends on how comfortable you are in your own skin. One refreshing observation we have made is that there are a lot of bigger girls out there, often with the encouragement of their proud partners, that have pushed aside any issues about self-image and discovered just how fabulous they look and feel in a Brazilian cut bikini.


Unfortunately for every girl that can focus on how her new swimmers make her look and feel, there are many more that obsess over what other people might think. It all boils down to confidence. If you think you look great, you will exude confidence and as a consequence you'll look amazing.


I am trying to pay with Credit Card.  Why is PayPal declining my transactions?


Nine times out often this is because you have used PayPal at some time in the past and have sinced changed Email address or credit card numbers. 

As part of PayPal's security and credit card fraud protection measures it will decline any payment attempts if they detect that the credit card has previously been used together with a different Email address or vice versa, so if you have changed Email addresses or have had a new card issued their system won't like it.
If this is the case the options are:
  1. If you a PayPal account and have the same card but a different Email you can sign in (using the old Email) and add the new Email address as an additional Email (Under My Account > Profile > Add or Edit Email). This only works if you have a PayPal account and still know your password, and if you need to reset your password it will send it to your old Email, so you will need to call them.
  2. If you have the same Email but a different credit card you can add a new card (Under My Account > Profile > Add or Edit Credit Card). Again, this only works if you have a PayPal account and know your password.
  3. The easiest and most sure way to fix it is to call them between 6am and 10pm Monday to Saturday on 1800-073-263.


I live Outside Australia. Will I need to pay import duty?


When you purchase online you are generally considered the importer. Depending on the rules in the country where you reside, you may be liable to pay one of both of a import duty and a consumption tax (also known as a goods and services or value added tax).


In many countries the import duty and the consumption tax is waived if the value of the merchandise is below a certain amount. In some cases this threshold amount is increased if the item is marked as a gift.

The rules and rates to some of the most popular destinations that we ship to are:

   - Japan
   - United Kingdom



If the total value of the item/s is under ¥10,000 (~ AUD 160) then the import tax and the consumption tax are waived. See details.


Otherwise the import duty on swimwear is 9.1%, and the standard (5%) consumption tax will apply.


We send through the general PO, so if taxes are due, these taxes will be payable on delivery of your order when you will be served with an Assessment Notice. More information is available online


United Kingdom

Online purchases can be subject to VAT and import tax (Customs duty) upon receipt. However this is waived on goods valued under £18 and gifts under £36 where the Customs duty payable would be < £7. £18 and £36 convert to roughly AUD $40 and $80 respectively. Since our advertised price on orders over $40 includes all shipping and handling, after postage and handling costs are subtracted the actual value of this item, as it appears on the customs declaration, will be less than £36.


We are also happy to offer a complimentary gift wrapping service upon request.


I want to know much will my new bikini cost me in my currency. Where can I find your exchange rate?


We use Paypal to receive payment from our international customers. If you would like to find out the exact price of your favorite swim suit is in your local currency if you buy today then you will need to use PayPal's currency converter to see how many Australian Dollars your currency is currently buying.  If you have a PayPal account then once you have logged in you can visit the PayPal Currency Converter (login required first).  If you don't have a PayPal account then you can get an approximate estimate at


For a guide to what our swimwear will cost in some of the more common currencies you can also visit our regularly updated Table of Prices page.


Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy and wish to assure you that any personal information you provide to us will only be used for its intended purpose.


If transacting on our site, when you proceed to the checkout and are asked to provide your personal details you will be taken to a secure page.


When paying with PayPal you will be redirected to the PayPal site. PayPal is an independent third party to Praia Bela Australia and they do not share any details of your credit card with Praiabela-bikini.


If you are a return customer or a member of Club Amigas, then if elect to sign in with your login username and password, then we do not and in fact can not track or monitor your movements or usage of our our site.


If you submit a question on our enquiry page then any information you provide will only be used for responding to your enquiry. We will only send you news and updates if you elect to recieve them by opting in.


How do I Order A Brazilian Bikini from the Praia Bela Online Store?


Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to place your order on our website.